In May 2010, I suffered a right ankle injury that required a surgical intervention, which was performed by Dr. Oswaldo Ponce in June 2010, consisting of an ankle arthroscopy and repair of the lateral ligaments with a long palmar autograft.

Before and after the surgery, I had physical therapies at LASMI (Latin American Sports Medicine Institute), where these therapies and rehabilitation were successfully completed.

Regarding the experience I had, I can say that I am grateful to LASMI and its staff of professionals, as well as Dr. Oswaldo Ponce, for providing me with proffesional and friendly medical attention. I felt that the doctor-patient relationship was excellent with a high sense of responsibility, collaboration and friendship. Today I can say that I am completely recovered.

Thanks once more, to my doctor and friend Oswaldo Ponce.

Yajanira Ontiveros

Athlete and Tennis Player

PT session final