LASMI for me was a home for a long time where I lived a unique experience of struggle, motivation, and the value of achievement. I was surrounded by specialized people experienced and focused on how to achieve my absolute recovery both physically and psychologically. LASMI is for me an institution where my confidence as an athlete and as a person has uniquely blossomed. I’m grateful with Dr. Ponce and all his physiotherapy staff which are still part of my sports world.

As for my experience with Dr. Oswaldo, I can say that his motivation, perseverance and inspiration were absolutely indispensable in regaining my sporting life again. I am very thankful and I will always be grateful to the institute and to Dr. Oswaldo Ponce.

I want to emphasize the professionalism, dedication and timely intervention of Dr. Ponce putting into practice all his knowledge which is at the level of any international medical center. As an athlete I recommend that every athlete seeking help and recovery visit Dr. Ponce for world class treatment.

Thank Dr. Ponce!

Olga Purroy

High Performance Athlete


PT session final