Preoperative Physical Therapy

These three words define a good part of the personality of my friend Oswaldo Ponce, a renowned medical professional, a studious surgeon who gives back life to muscles and bones. His hands have specialized under the eyes of the famous Dr. James Andrews, whose talent has placed him among the best Orthopedics Surgeons in the world. It goes without saying that countless athletes have been spared terrible injuries thanks to their surgical excellence.

Oswaldo saves arms, shoulders, legs, hips and whatever articulation requires a dedicated professional like him. I admire his constant progress and learning in his career, the technology that he holds in his activities and the great responsibility he shows in every surgery. I can handle my left arm perfectly because of his experience and knowledge. It is an honor to know that Oswaldo is from Venezuela and a really good friend.

Alfonso Saer

Sports Jounalist

PT session final