At AMC, we pride ourselves on providing a first class imaging service to our clients. X-rays are provided at AMC, while patients needing CT or MRI scans receive priority scheduling and no-wait appointments through our VIP channels at nearby centers. Imaging scans can then be sent to our partners at Desert Medical Imaging in the United States for analysis and returned with full comprehensive radiology reports within days.


Operating Rooms

Our integrated operating rooms are powered by Stryker and offer the most advanced surgical and video recording equipment available. Our surgical suite is designed to provide our team with efficiencies that allow them to focus on patient care.


The American Medical Center on-site pharmacy is complete with an expansive stock of both Chinese and Western medications. Your prescription is dispensed immediately after your consultation and is hand delivered to you by one of our pharmacists in our lobby. Our fully bilingual pharmacy team not only describes proper use of your medication, but also is available to answer any questions you may have. We ensure safety and peace of mind by making sure that each patient leaves AMC understanding how to properly use his or her medication. Refills are also made easy by calling ahead and picking up your medication at your earliest convenience. Click below to learn more about our services.


Our laboratory is located in the same building and is up to date in the latest technologies in the field of nutritional laboratory testing. Whether you need a routine check-up, or major surgery, you can rest assured that our laboratory will give both you and the doctor accurate information. Our highly trained staff of technicians works with the same equipment one might find in a clinic in the States. We also are able to send samples to a partner lab to preform more complex testing. This lab also provides rapid and accurate results. Click below for a list of our common in-house lab tests.